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  • I've been with Clyck Locals since 2014, and I wouldn't think of going elsewhere for a web design / internet marketing solution. Matt and his team took my ideas for a website and brought a solution that has generated 30%+ growth to my business. In addition to driving growth, the website also saw a precipitous drop in scheduling errors. Not only is his team good at providing a high-end solution at a fair price, you are also partnering with someone who will be a consistent touch point for further ideas for growth. One last thing, I receive compliments at least once a quarter on the quality of the website.

    Robert Bowers
  • We’ve worked with Clyck Local for over 2 years. Matt is somewhat of a unicorn. He quickly understood the big vision for our company. Then he and his team coupled that with the ability to manage IT development and built a robust platform to attract and serve our clients. When you look for folks who understand both the business issues, messaging, IT development as well as the creative side, it’s easy to find a lot of flaky people to waste your time and opportunity. Matt and his team are the real deal. I trust them implicitly to get the job done for me.

    Dave Barrs
  • My company has been working with the Clyck Local team for years on both online and offline design projects, and they have been an invaluable partner for us. Designing and implementing everything from straightforward WordPress websites, to web applications in various coding languages, to UX/UI upgrades and revisions, to designing offline digital diagnostic reports, we wouldn't even think of launching a new product or of revising an existing one without reaching out the Clyck Local team first. They have been trusted advisers to us for many years, and we plan to partner with them for many years to come.

    Jennifer Eicher
  • I’ve been work with Clyck Local for 7 years and the service has been stellar. They actively try to find things to upgrade and change on my site without me having to ask. Their customer service is punctual and reliable. They are a big reason why my business has grown every year.

    Tom Archer
  • WOW, am I impressed with the website MacMillan built for me. Beautiful bold colors that complimented my book cover and far more information than I every expected. MacMillan's website addressed every aspect and request that I wanted and then some. Never in a million years did I fathom that I would have a website that looked like this. So professional and impressive. My customers will be dazzled, and the ease of purchasing is at their fingertips. No confusion. I highly recommend Clyck Local to anyone looking for a new website designer or for those looking to upgrade for a dramatic improvement.

    Brenda Flores
  • This is my third year in working with Clyck Local on web and app projects. Yes, they provide expert knowledge and effective results (growth rates have exceeded expectations), but they've done so with the care and attention to detail that makes you feel as if they're a part of your company, working with the same passion and dedication you do.

    Michael Stewart
  • The quality and professionalism of Clyck Local is beyond any other builder of web applications and custom websites that I have worked with. If you are looking for an upscale website that will bring more business to your business then I highly recommend Clyck Local!

    Barbara Waldrep
  • Hands down the best designers around. 8 restaurants in and we have yet to be disappointed. Phenomenal support and care. Highly recommend.

    Jesse Topliffe

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